We focus solely on collaborating with the best Seed and Pre-Seed funds globally to generate meaningful alpha for our investors.

The meaning behind Cendana

Cendana is the Malaysian word for sandalwood, which historically was synonymous with vitality - the power of giving continuance of life, and present in all living things.
Our goal is to create alpha through this dynamic force.

Our approach at Cendana

We seek to be the lead investor in our portfolio funds, working closely and collaboratively with our GPs and LPs. We view the Cendana ecosystem as a force multiplier for both our GPs and LPs.

Meet our Team

With a diversity of experience, the common principles we hold are transparency, integrity and a founder-mentality toward building our ecosystem of GPs and LPs.

Michael Kim

San Francisco

Kelli Fontaine

San Francisco

Graham Pingree


Thomas Ikeda

Senior Investment Associate
New York

Julius Dodson

Investment Associate
New York

Hillary Tyree

Head of Platform & Operations
San Francisco

Jon Coquia

VP of Finance / Chief Compliance Officer
San Francisco

Rohan Gandhi

Data Analyst

Mac Hofeditz

Venture Partner

Kirk Dizon

Venture Partner
In Memoriam